Youtube can turn into a full social network

YouTube can turn into a full social network

Google is preparing to turn YouTube into a social network, to combat the growing opposition video on Facebook and other services.

What is alleged is that YouTube is developing a service currently going by the name of Backstage, which will allow YouTube users to share photos, polls, links, and text messages with your followers, and videos.

The new service can be released before the end of the year or possibly select popular YouTube accounts before being implemented fully to all users. The Backstage updates are supposed to appear in a timeline similar to that offered currently by Facebook.

In what could be an interesting twist, the messages placed in the Backstage can also be made available to share other services, for example, a shared funny picture on YouTube can be sent to Twitter, Facebook or other services.


The potential movement YouTube to become a social network has over a period that could be described as a gold rush for video views, which is being conducted by Facebook, but with other players in the mix, including Snapchat and Twitter.

While YouTube continues to be the standard output for online videos, Facebook has had a growth in video 66% in the last 12 months.

The good news for YouTube is that for him, it is never too late for the service evolve into a social network, even if it will never replace Facebook.