Tips for choosing a better picture to LinkedIn

Tips for choosing a better picture to LinkedIn

That LinkedIn is an excellent network for professional contacts, and also business, you already know.And there, as in other social channels, ways to best use this platform. One is the photo. Do you know how to be a picture of LinkedIn and why it is so important to your credibility?

Here are some tips:

  • selfie in the mirror, never

Photos in the mirror make you look like an amateur on LinkedIn, even if you are a leader in your department. The selfie in the mirror are very informal, keep it to your Instagram or Facebook.

  • Do not use too much filter

exaggerated filters in the LinkedIn profile photo are not suitable, in fact, not in their own posts. Your potential employers or clients do not value the beauty of your image on LinkedIn, but the importance of the content you’re sharing.

  • Do not be so serious in the picture

With a nice relaxed smile on your face, you usually looks more accessible and reliable, and any potential employer (or investor or business partner) may be more willing to give a chance to anyone who looks nicer.

  • LinkedIn pattern with silhouette

If you show how a person who does not have the confidence to present a good picture of your face, you will lose a lot of profile views. And photos are not yours also get the same result. If you post a photo of yourself, LinkedIn says people are seven times more likely to click on your profile.

And then you follow these rules when choosing your photo LinkedIn profile?