Myths About Content Marketing that you should not believe

Myths About Content Marketing that you should not believe

Content marketing is an essential technique for brands and businesses today. Thanks to content marketing, companies have been able to increase brand awareness, increase leads and raise your status as a leader in your niche. But even with these great benefits, there are still misconceptions about content marketing that need to be eliminated. Check out the top 5:

1. Content Marketing does not work for my business

Not every brand is as exciting as the Harley Davidson or Red Bull. But that does not mean it can not succeed in content marketing. In fact, the brands that are not perceived as exciting are the ones that actually work the content marketing, and it can be applied to any niche.

2. It’s too expensive

Although there are costs involved with content marketing, as hiring copywriters, designers and ads on Facebook or Instagram, it is more affordable than traditional advertising.

3. It’s free

At the same time, the content marketing will not succeed completely from one day to another without any expense. Although the idea is to leave your content to grow organically with social actions, every piece of content needs a little push. That’s when you have to spend R $ 200.00 to give a boost to a post from Facebook.

4. You can not prove the content marketing ROI

Content marketing should be based around your goals and objectives. If you want to increase traffic, you can follow to see how many visitors from Facebook, Instagram or blog to your Analytics. Now if you want to know leads you generated, you can look at how many copies of your e-book were downloaded.

5. The results are fast

Content marketing is a process that takes a long time, and may have errors. Everything must from conducting research to actually create value content, but the results can take months – even years to happen. Just because you just published the greatest article ever written does not mean that it will take the world from night to day.


If you want to have a large audience, then go ahead and publish incredible content.