Creating content for email marketing?

Creating content for email marketing?

Among the many moving parts of a successful marketing plan, marketing emails are still a vital component. It remains the most direct place to engage customers. And the integration of email marketing with social media means greater opportunities – and challenges – when it comes to creating content that can stimulate a conversation and inspire sharing on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

While planning for your newsletters, consider these four ways to make your content more shareable on social media:

1. Engage customers in creating content

You may think you know what is most important to your customers, but you can understand much more about your needs if you ask. Use surveys and polls in social media and blog to find out what is affecting the lives of its customers. Invite them to share their experiences related to your business and market.

2. Value their information content

Readers are more engaged by content that is relevant to their lives. Help them understand that they are being helped by your company in the content you create for the e-mails.

3. Submit content that people will want to share

People like to share information that is useful, practical, interesting, timely, entertaining and thought provoking. Do not be afraid to start a conversation around controversial topics related to your business (but stay away from controversial political or religious matters, unless this is your area of expertise).