3 Tips to win the loyalty of your customers

3 Tips to win the loyalty of your customers

You are an entrepreneur who has always won good customers, but most of them never come back to do business with you? We all know that the way to a big positive ROI is to keep more customers than lose, then what you can do to increase retention rates and actually create loyal customers for your brand?

1. Pay attention to the segmentation

If you succeeded in driving new customers to your business, chances are you already know a bit about them, as they came from, the reference site, social media platform, the search engine used, etc. as well as a few things about who they are and what motivated them to come to your site. You can start simple and create some larger segments such as geography, age and sex, which can then be refined into smaller segments after learning more about your customers.

2. Find strategic information

Begin to understand what your customers value most. You choose? Convenience? Community?Exclusivity? If you do not know what they value, try to find out with your communication, and start making a list of things of value you can offer to those who show loyalty to your brand.

3. Align all your communication channels and

If you are producing content for your site or newsletter, make sure that is complementary to your product or service. Be true to your brand attributes and maintains its consistent voice – it is to be useful, authentic and harmonious. Just make sure that your content is not loose. And if you allow others to promote or sponsor their communication channels clearly make up for how they are doing it. If customers feel cheated by their content and communications, you will break your confidence, which will destroy the value of your business.

In short, know your customers, treat them fairly and equitably, while building recognition and reward those who are more loyal. Do this and you will be rewarded with a continuous participation of loyal customers, which will cost much less than buying new.