3 Tips to enjoy the videos on social media

The video consumption is growing increasingly, in part because it increases retention, but it also has a cost – human time and energy that does not necessarily produce a net positive ROI. Therefore, companies need to think about video as a delivery mechanism.
And when it comes to work the best videos on social media, you need to find that strategy that best fits your business goal. Here are some tips to help you get started:

1. Decide if the video is the best option for your business needs

If the answer is no, and video is the only delivery mechanism to meet your business objectives, then you need to determine which video style is best for your brand and then what social media platform will be the best mechanism Of delivery. The platform should not inform your decision. Their needs should inform your decision.

2. Determine your favorite video style

There are a few different styles of video you can post online:
Amador : It is basically the video content as it is posted on Facebook or Snapchat, fast creation in real time and often in short content. Generally, these videos are not edited and are taken up with a phone.
Semi-edited : It’s what you can shoot and edit using very simple tools, such as Microsoft Movie Maker or iMovie, Apple.
Professional : This is edited video content and filmed by a professional. You can often save time and money by using a freelancer or find a professional for a project. As a result, you will get high quality video.
Determine your style will also help you understand which platforms are best suited for your goals.

3. Choose the goals of your video

There are plenty of goals you may have for your business that involves creating video content.
Boost sales
If your goal is to drive sales, there are some issues to consider when choosing the “best” platform: Who is your audience, which is the most active and what is your video style?
Increase brand awareness
If your goal is to increase brand awareness, the best platform is one where you have a strong set of potential customers.
Growth in social media
If your goal is the growth of social media channels, I would say the best video platform is now probably the Facebook Live. If growth in Facebook is not a priority, you should take advantage of the channels that have the largest number of followers in its customer base and create video content that is shareable these channels.
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